Hope & Answers
Are you trying to find yourself?
Don't know where you are going in life?
Looking for answers? Desperate? Have no hope?

And all that comes your way is... nothing... and pain/confusion... 

"You will never understand who you are, until you understand who God is." Billy Graham

"No matter what sin we have committed, no matter  how terrible it may be, God loves us." Billy Graham

It's easy for me to say "JESUS is the answer" or "if you would just be saved"...me being on the this  side looking at you. But for you... being on the otherside looking for answers, thinking... wanting... struggling... it doesn't feel so easy.

Here's a few links to help you find hope, answers, and assurance:

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Know Jesus (Southern Baptist Convention)
Bible and Real Life Questions?
Answers in Genesis

Answers to your Bible questions:
Bible Resources 

Yes, Jesus is the Answer;  but
​there is more to your story....
if we can help, please contact us!